The latest album from Nashville based singer-songwriter Nathan Jey Tingle is a seamless transition from his first self-produced EP in 2002, Lowered Wings. The River Will Divide is an adventurous collection of faith inspired songs, recorded mostly live to 2 inch tape at The Fry Pharmacy Studio in Old Hickory, TN. Primarily influenced by old classic country and folk music as well as the Jesus Music artists of the late 60's and 70's, Nathan has been writing and recording his own blend of acoustic roots music for nearly 20 years. Appearing at venues ranging from coffee houses and Irish pubs to church youth camps, nursing homes and prisons, his concerts have been described as intensely passionate and refreshing. Nathan reflects, " I feel like my responsibility is to tell people the truth, to get them to think about spiritual things and loving God and neighbor all while getting them to move their feet. I hope my music and art gives people joy."

     Besides writing and recording music, Nathan paints a variety of abstract and collage art (see in MERCH) and is currently working on an instrumental album entitled "Watermarks"